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Some Thoughts….Summer Vacation

Sorry for my complete lack of updates to the blog, but with finals coming up and school ending, I just didn’t have time to write….

As we enter the summer, we do not know who will be our quarterback, and we have no idea who is going to join the men’s basketball team. It seems to me that we have new junior college recruits every week. The most important recruit is Sean Mosley however, and if he does not get his SAT scores up, he is not coming to College Park in the fall.

While there are these story lines to pay attention to over the summer, the summer is usually the quiet point for college sports as everyone is out of school. Therefore, I would like to tell everyone that I will not be updating this blog throughout the summer. I found out through this past year, that my favorite thing to write about is football, and most specifically, the previews I do for the games. There is just not enough for me to write about over the summer that I feel it is worth me spending the time to come up with.

With that being said, I hope everyone has enjoyed what I have written over the past year in my first year blogging about the Terps. Check back in late August when I start writing again prior to the football team’s home opening August 30th against the Joe Flacco-less Delaware Blue Hens.