Some thoughts on the men’s team

The Terps appear to have lost out on bringing Ken Bowman to Maryland next season. This means that the low post players for the Terps next season will be a mix of Braxton Dupree, Dino Gregory, Jerome Burney, Dave Neal, Shane Walker, and Gus Gilchrist(when he becomes eligible in December). This presents a major problem for the Terps next season. Even when Gus Gilchrist is eligible, one of the other 5 will need to start (probably Burney), and we will need production out of the others off the bench. If the freshman from this season do not improve, next year could be an even longer season for the terps. We need to hope Burney grows on what he did at the end of last season, and that Dupree, Gregory, or Walker can figure out how to play against ACC caliber players.

With the situation the men are going to be in next year, I seriously wonder if Gary will change his offensive strategy and play a 3, or even 4 guard lineup. Vasquez, Hayes, Bowie, Tucker, Maze, and Mosley should all be capable of playing some quality minutes. Milbourne could be moved to the #4, or even #5 position at times in order to play a guard heavy lineup, similar to Villanova a few years ago. The problem with this is that all of our guards cannot shoot the three well enough probably for this to consistently work. I doubt Gary will ever try this strategy, but its just a though as we may have to play unconventionally at times if we want to win.

I continue to hear ‘rumors’ that Eric Hayes may be transferring. Is this true? I have no idea. But I will speculate about it a little. If I was Eric, I would be pretty upset with my situation at Maryland. I am a point guard, not a shooting guard, but was forced to play shooting guard because of how the Maryland roster shakes out. The fans were on my back the entire season for not performing up to the standards of an ACC shooting guard, and I was not able to improve my point guard skills as I rarly got to play point guard. Essentially, I wasted a year of my college career playing out of position, and a lot of fans did not appreciate it.

This is how I would feel if I was Eric Hayes. I think he got a very raw deal, and with the arrival of Maze and Mosley, I wonder if Hayes will be pushed even farther down the depth chart to a bench player. It would make sense for Eric to transfer to a school where he is going to start at point guard, and have fun playing HIS position. Now with that being said, maybe Eric doesn’t mind all of the crap he gets from the fans, or playing out of position, or the possibility of losing playing time to incoming players, so maybe he wants to stay. I just hope if he does stay, the fans are a little kinder to him, especially if he has to play shooting guard again.


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