Season Over…for the men

Well when the buzzer sounded up in Syracuse Thursday night, it marked the end to what can only be described as a disappointing season for the terps…despite the departures of Strawberry, Jones and the other 4 seniors from last year’s team, many, including myself expected another NCAA tournament run. Instead we got a team that just seemed to lack the necessary on court chemistry that is needed in those games when you aren’t playing your best and to keep your momentum when you get up on a team.

Gist and Boom will be leaving, as well as possibly a mystery player if Ken Bowman does indeed come to play for the Terps next year. With all of the good that Gist brings, i’ll be happy to see him go. He is too inconsistent for me, and when he thinks hes a jump-shooter, he hurts the team more than he helps them. I will miss Boom because he is a loveable guy, but he was a garbage player, getting most of his points picking up Gist’s mistakes, not creating his own shots.

I’ll talk about the rest of the team when I get time later. I don’t think this team is hopeless, and I don’t think Gary needs to be fired. They just need to work some stuff out.

The post season is just beginning for the women however as they play their 1st and 2nd round games at Comcast Sunday and Tuesday. If you haven’t seen this team play, this is your last chance. They are loosing a lot of talent this year and while they will still be a good team, I am not sure if they will be a national champion contender next year, which they are this year, so come out and watch them at Comcast if you have some time (Duke is also playing their games at Comcast so you can come boo them while you are there).

In the housekeeping department, I will try to keep this blog updated during the women’s run through the tournament, but I am entering a demanding two week period with my classes and may not have the time. Regardless, I hope to write some women’s entries, as well as a little more about the men’s team in the weeks to come. Oh…and that spring football game is right around the corner.


2 Responses to “Season Over…for the men”

  1. 1 jaymanracerx
    March 23, 2008 at 10:09 pm

    What can the program do to turn things around? Why can’t we shoot well? This was a frustrating season as it seemed we were a player or two away from being top 15 to 30.

    It’s a tough business but Gary is well paid. I really hope we can get the program going a bit more smoothly. This season the basketball IQ seemed very poor for the players. And Haynes’ ball handling is just not acceptable.


  2. 2 jfliegel
    March 24, 2008 at 2:50 pm

    Its hard to say what this program needs to go to turn things around. As good of a player James Gist is…he isn’t the post player the team needs. Gist is not bulky enough to really bully good post players around and score. Those games where he scored 30, they consisted of 3-pointers, jump shots, and break away dunks. Hopefully Gilchrist is the player we need to solve this. Bowman looks to be another Osby type, but maybe with a little more upside so that will be good.

    The shooting problem with the team is that we just did not have a shooting guard this year. This is similar to what we went through with DJ Strawberry having to play point guard a few years ago. Eric Hayes has tried his hand at shooting guard, but just isn’t a shooting guard. Vasquez is an even poorer shooter than Hayes so he is not the answer there either. Recruit Sean Mosley should be the answer however. He is by trade, a shooting guard, and from everything I have heard he is good(i think he is the 2nd all time scorer in baltimore hs history). Having someone on the court who can shoot lights out, will make everyone else better, simply because they do not have to shoot at much.

    Back to Hayes…I still think he was feeling that ankle injury even after he came back, so the slow Eric to begin with, was even slower. In terms of ball-handling, I was talking to my brother and we both decided that all that time he spent at the 2 position this year hurt him badly. He is a point guard, but got about 3 mins a game actually doing it. He wasn’t able to improve himself at his natural position because he rarely got to play it. I like to think if he got moved back to strictly point guard, the ball handling will improve.

    Gary does have a tough job. Its just upsetting knowing that he plays Golf in the summer while Coach K is up in Alaska recruiting someone. Gary has proven he can win with only mediocre recruiting, but its starting to look more and more that he simply got lucky with his mix of players, and might be banking on another lucky recruiting class to become a top 10 program again. He is a good teacher, and i like that, but he spends about the same time on recruiting as I do as a fan, and that’s a problem.

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