Let’s talk about something happy…the women

It’s ACC tourney time….female style

The women are the #2 seed in the tournament this year, and if all goes to plan, will get an opportunity to play UNC in the finals. Their first game will be against the BC/VT winner. Whichever of these teams the terps play, i do not expect much of a problem. I doubt you will see a 20 point deficit against VT if we play them like what happened during the season. Assuming they win that game, the Terps will most likely play #3 Duke. Maryland has been able to handle them this season going 2-0 against the blue devils. Duke is a good team, but I think we match up very well against them, and will probably win the game.

This brings us to the championship game. It will probably be against #1UNC, but #4 UVA, and #5 GT are all on this side of the bracket. Maryland doesn’t particularly match up well against any of these teams. UNC is just flat out good, and simply may be more talented than us. We needed two comebacks to beat UVA twice this year, and we all remember the double OT thriller at home to GT where the Terps barely escaped with a victory. The point is, we do not match up well with these teams, so thankfully we will only have to face one throughout the tournament. Assuming all goes to plan, Maryland will play #1 UNC, and will probably lose, although a win is very possible if we play a flawless game.

In terms of NCAA seedings, the terps are looking at a #2 seed no matter what they do, unless they win the tournament. UNC, Tenn, and UConn are locks for #1 seeds no matter what they do. Its between MD and Rutgers for that last #1, and for some reason, most believe Rutgers is getting that last #1 seed despite 5 losses on the season. Maryland can steal that #1 seed with an ACC tournament win, or a poor showing by Rutgers in the Big East tournament. Worst case scenario is we are a #2 seed….and a #2 seed in the NCAA is better than a #1 seed in the NIT…sorry to end that on such a sour note, but thats what the Men are probably looking at now


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