so yeah….that was kind of dejecting to say the least…i can’t say i didn’t see it coming though

seemed like we spent three minutes trying to get McAlpin some points instead of just trying to score

the referees were terrible, but i felt their were equally bad for both teams so that’s a wash

the bench scored 20 points!….and we lost? (not counting Milbourne’s 4 off the bench)

we can’t break the press, yet we run the press so the team definitely sees it in practice…someone explain this to me

the crowd sucked too…no noise when the team was up by 20…no energy from the crowd when we are killing an opponent…that needs to change if people want Maryland to be a “top” national program

this was the night we decided to miss free throws (we left 11 points at the line)

Boom was said to be fully recovered from the flu, yet he looked pretty overmatched the whole game

Terps need to beat UVA, and probably need two wins in the ACC tournament to think about maybe going to the NCAAs. I said before that losing to Clemson would not be the end of the world; however, when you give up a 20 point lead at home with 11 mins to go, on national television, well….i just didn’t see that coming when I claimed a loss to Clemson would not be the end of the world


1 Response to “Speechless….”

  1. March 3, 2008 at 4:54 pm

    Couldn’t agree with you more on the crowd noise. I watched it home with a friend and we spent the entire second half asking each other if the game was even being filmed before a live studio audience. What, winning by 20 doesn’t excite Maryland fans?

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