Another short entry, and i am writing this later than I would have liked, but better late than never, and better short than nothing.

The win against Wake Forest was huge for the Terps. They can breath a little easier now, but there is still work to be done. Beat Clemson and UVA, and you are probably in the tournament. Lose to one of those teams, and at least one win in the ACC tournmanet is a must. Clemson has a high RPI however, and Maryland has not protected its home court well this season, so a win on senior night against Clemson will really help Maryland’s situation. Clemson is a good team that can shoot the three, or power the ball inside. However, when that three ball goes cold, the whole team seems to go cold. This is another winnable game for the Terps, and probably their most important game of the season (besides notching a win over #1 UNC). A win against Clemson helps Maryland in the RPI, the ACC standings (and Maryland’s quest to finish in the top 4 of the ACC), and national impression of Maryland basketball. Is the season over if the Terps lose? probably not, but it will be in serious trouble, so why not just win and make us all happy. I expect a nail-biter finish and think this game could go either way, but I have to pick the Terps at home on senior night.


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