Quick Carolina Recap

I have no need to relive this game (I was there and the 6 hour drive home was enough time to relive it) so lets make this fast.

The defense I thought played a pretty good game. It was only that one touchdown pass where there was a complete meltdown in the defense. It was disappointing too that UNC had 2, one-minute drives to end the 1st half and score 6 points. There is the game right there. We stop just one of those drives the game goes to OT. You can’t really blame them though for the loss. They shut down UNC after giving up an early TD in the 3rd quarter. They also forced turnovers, but when it rains for Maryland, it pours, which means of course Erin Henderson is going to fumble his fumble recovery. That’s almost as unlucky as 60 offensive linemen being injured during one season. Oh wait, that happened too. The defense gets a passing grade though for the game. Let’s see how they do against Boston College though to really see if we are improving.

The offense had a rather strange game. They couldn’t run at all (93 yards on 33 attempts), threw for only 209 yards, which isn’t a lot considering we only had 93 rushing yards, yet out gained UNC 302-259 in total yards. On top of that, I counted 5 dropped passes from Terps receivers. And of course, there was that final throw away by Chris Turner on 4th and 1. I think that was the first time this season where I was happy to have Mr. Conservative play called Friedgen because I knew he would run it up the gut; but then, no, he passed? on 4th and 1? I don’t think I’ll understand that play call for a while. The offense gets a failing grade on the day. You can blame some of the bad offense on the line, but dropped passes, and inaccurate passes from Turner doomed them.

This game put the lid on Maryland’s post season coffin. Boston College is coming to College Park with some nails and a hammer, so unless Maryland get down to business soon, that lid is going to be permanently shut. Check back later in the week for Week 11 football previews. If it makes you feel any better, Basketball starts this week!!!


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